Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A visit with a friend

Today the kids and I went to see our new friend Joycee and her son at their flat. The kids had a ball with her beautiful 16 month old son. I am excited to get to know them over the next few months. It was nice to see Ansel laughing and playing with his sister and his new friend. Joycee has been here a month longer than we have, so it is good to talk things through with her since she is a few weeks ahead of us in adjusting to life in Bangalore. The visit was going well until she offered a container of fruit after lunch. Ansel walked up to the table, grabbed the fruit and dumped it over the balcony. I couldn't believe he did that. We had a talk about why he shouldn't have done that and Joycee was a very gracious hostess. Hopefully she will still want to get together again. We made plans, so it seems promising.


  1. Oh, Ansel. Glad that you were able to make a friend:)

  2. maybe he was trying to save everyone from reliving your "bad day" sickness by avoiding fresh fruits and vegetables? there's a lot going on in those little heads!

    or maybe he's just a little stinker!