Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some things I've learned so far...

The dotted lines on the street are merely a suggestion, yet accidents are rare despite the crazy traffic in Bangalore.

If you spot an accident, one driver may threaten the other with a large slab of concrete and bang on his door with it. Should this happen to you, let your driver shake his head, proceed, and avoid the scene. It will give you a good laugh and you will be safe from any riot that might break out.

I prefer a fork to eating with my hands, but you know what they say, "While in India, do as the Indians do."

A pooja room makes a very beautiful broom closet.

If you tell your driver, "Your phone was ringing," he may mistakenly take you to the pharmacy.

Instead of "fruits and vegetables," you might see signs with "fruits and vegetariens."

There is no place quite like India.


  1. Hi Michelle! I miss you guys and will look forward to reading your blog more. The last one made me laugh! We love you 4!