Thursday, January 27, 2011


Tuesday I went to a playgroup to get out of the flat and meet some moms and kids. It was nice to be away while the housekeeper was cleaning. Ansel loved playing in the backyard at the house we visited. I really liked the lady of the house. I continue to be impressed with the hospitality of the people I have met. She is an Indian who has been living in the UK for the past few years. She spoke with a perfect British accent like those heard in BBC films. She offered Siena very delicious watermelon cut in perfect little pieces. Siena hadn't tried watermelon before and was so excited to eat it! We left early because there was a boy who was being too rough with Ansel. I thought it was unfair to tell him not to fight back when the other boy refused to stop. We went for a walk until our driver returned from bringing Travis home from work. I really liked the moms I met, but all of them live an hour or more away from us. The search continues for playmates for our kids.

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