Friday, January 7, 2011

Culture Shock

I feel so uncomfortable and unsafe in our building. It is loud. There is a constant honking of horns. Culture shock is setting in. Friday my husband had planned to go to work, but I couldn't let him go. I bursted into tears when he was about to leave. It is what it is, but I regret that our three-year old son saw me. He comforted me saying, "It's going to be okay, Mommy, we are only in India." So sweet. I knew culture shock would happen. The books said it would.

I left behind everything familiar except for my husband and kids. It is a struggle to figure out what to eat, where to shop, where to worship, and how to live daily just because it is all so unfamiliar. We'll get there though. The people here are so different. We have much to learn about the culture. I feel like no one is really warming up to me, apart from a couple of expats who live an hour away, but at least everyone is very sweet to our kids. Already it sounds like our son will have many memories about his interactions with the locals.

Today we have an interview with a housekeeper. Pray that it goes well. It may be easier for me to get along here once we find someone to help out and to be here while my husband is at work so it isn't so lonely.

This afternoon we will be visiting with a couple we have been in correspondence with since we first heard of the possibility of moving to India. They have three kids and their daughter is just about our son's age. It will be a blessing to spend some time with people whom we can call friends. They serve the same God we do and have lived here for a few years.

I will feel comfortable here eventually. Again and again God is confirming that He is here. We are so blessed!


  1. I love you! Praying continually that you will be encouraged and blessed as well as a blessing there.

  2. Wow, did not know you guys were moving to India. I will keep you & your whole family in my prayers. I remember when I left my family and friends behind to move to Nevada w/ Josh. Nothing compared to what you must be feeling. Thank goodness for the internet, you won't be truly alone. Do you have Skype on your computer? Hope you guys continue to adjust to the shock and are able to settle into a routine. I am looking forward to following your blog and seeing how things will (hopefully) change for the better as the next 9 months unfold. Hugs to you all from Michigan!

  3. Michelle,

    I am so sorry to hear you are having a hard time adjusting! I think it is normal to feel this way and that you are doing quite well despite the chaos and exhaustion of getting there and dealing with how different everything is! I am seeing that you are still finding the positive in everything and everyday there and I am proud of you for this! I can't imagine what it is like. 3 weeks in Ethiopia was enough for me to be ready to come home! I hear it is very loud and chaotic in India and it sounds like this is true. God is with you every minute of every day and will give you strength and comfort when you need it the most. We put your family photo on the fridge and are praying for you every day! I am hoping to get a web cam when things settle down a bit and then maybe we can skype and I can introduce you to Miss Lily! I love you and miss you!!!