Friday, January 28, 2011

Republic Day at Nandi Hills

Wednesday was Republic Day in India, so Travis had the day off. We decided to take a trip to the Nandi Hills to get away from the city. It was a beautiful day. We packed a lunch and headed for the hills. We got to the top of the Nandi Hills and walked around a bit. When it was time for lunch, we had to eat in the car because the monkeys in the park will attack if they see food. We were sitting in the car eating our lunch when I noticed the stroller had monkeys in it. I asked Travis if he could fight the monkeys off of our stroller and without realizing it he got out of the car with his sandwich. A monkey aggressively tried to get it away from him. Our driver told Travis to get back in the car. He was probably wondering what the crazy Americans were doing. This experience made me thankful that we had our rabies shots!

We finished lunch then went for a walk. Ansel spotted a playground. He was so excited that he started running. He has been very interested in the cricket games we have observed since our arrival and there was a group of kids playing cricket there. They were very excited to show him how to play. They laughed when he tried to hold the bat like a baseball bat. One boy said, "No, keep it on the ground! Please, watch me."

The kids all gathered around Ansel to talk to him. They asked him questions about where he is from and were very curious about his sister's name and his parents' names. It was good to be out in the park and watch him interact with the locals. They gave him a banana as we left. Against my better judgement I let him eat it in the car on the way home and prayed that he wouldn't get sick. He is doing great with no health issues. :)

Travis wanted us to experience drinking straight from a coconut. I thought it was great. Ansel liked holding the coconut, but didn't like the taste of it. We were tired from the day's activities and returned back to the city. It was a long drive home with two very tired kids.

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  1. A day full of fun stories! I think you're probably safe on the banana front. The things I will not eat (or should know better than to eat but have eaten) are things like lettuce and tomatoes. Generally I try to avoid anything that you eat the skin on. Things that have skins that "protect" like bananas, pineapple, mango, watermelon, etc. we have always eaten and had no problems with.

  2. Haha, oh Travis...monkey fighter:)

  3. great pic of Ansel and all the girls! (well, there's one boy) I bet he'll start picking up the language quickly!