Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Day With Our Housekeeper

Monday was our first day with our housekeeper. She is a pleasant lady. It was a different experience having someone else in the house all day. It was nice to have the house cleaned while I played with the kids. It will be hard to get used to being called, "Madam." Culture shock! Our housekeeper called out to me all day, saying, "Madam, baby is crying!" "Madam, Baba (not sure what it means but it is what she was calling Ansel) is asking for you!" It was very strange to have someone else telling me as if I couldn't hear them myself. Our flat isn't that big. I can hear them, but when I am attending to one, the other usually must wait. After all, there is only one of me. I felt like she was in my way. The flat is not very small, but the open floor plan made it difficult to be away from her when I wanted my space during naptime. I was very overwhelmed. I debated in my mind if we should even have a housekeeper. It's pretty dusty here, and it is great having clean floors (that I don't have to clean!) I may be able to get used to this. It was wonderful to have a clean house, dinner prepared, and not once have to leave my kids to do housework.

One side note: Ansel is calling the housekeeper "Baba" as well.

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