Saturday, January 15, 2011

Visit to Mysore

Mysore is a town three hours south of Bangalore. It is a the second largest city in the state of Karnataka and has many tourist attractions. We wanted to visit soon because some friends who live there are getting ready to move back to the US for a year.

Friday was a holiday at Travis' work so we were on the road late in the morning. After a pit stop for food on the way, we went directly to the Mysore Zoo.

While Ansel loved seeing all the animals, he wasn't too fond of all the attention he and Siena attracted. Every other person we saw wanted to pinch their cheeks and have their photo taken with them. We felt like a cross between celebrities and the animals in the zoo!

After a night in a hotel and a morning spent laying around the hotel room feeling a bit under the weather, we headed to our friends' house. It was a great afternoon visiting and watching the kids play. They offered lots of good advice on adapting to life here.

After our visit we stopped by the Mysore Palace for the famous lighting of the palace. The kids quickly tired of it, so we ended up leaving about 5 minutes before the lights were turned on. We did get one shot with the lights on as we drove away.

Overall the weekend was a lot of fun and we look forward to many more outings!

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  1. Just read all of your posts!...truly fascinating. So glad you're having this adventure (minus the er part) and sharing it with the rest of us! Praying God continues to bless you and keep you safe.