Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Armenian friends for my kids

I met a lady with a son a year younger than Ansel and a daughter six weeks younger than Siena, just like Siena's little friend Galilee back home :) Upon meeting her, she said her daughter was napping but we could meet her when she woke up from her morning nap. We stood at the front step and talked a bit. She said that her son looks more like her husband who is German and her daughter looks more like her father who is Armenian! I was caught off guard. I can't believe I met an Armenian who lives practically around the corner from us! It is nice to have found someone who has a son and a daughter to play with Ansel and Siena, and she holds a playgroup every week!


  1. Aw, Galilee has been replaced... HAHA JUST KIDDING! So glad you are finding some awesome friends in Bangalore, Michelle! This is a totally amazing post that makes me smile. God just knew you that a half-Armenian friend would make you happy and he arranged it just perfectly so that you could meet her and her sweet kids. So cool. Thanks for keeping up with the blog. I love you and miss you! Galilee learned to wave this week... let's skype soon so that she can wave at you! :)

  2. Galilee will never be replaced! We miss you all. God is awesome! It confirms that He has gone before us. :)

    Yesterday Ansel put on a pair of pants that were a little small and he said, "Now we can give these to Judah, right?" So sweet. Love you, Sigrid, and it will be so much fun to watch our girls wave at each other. I'm sure Ansel would be thrilled to talk to Judah. Let's pick a date soon. :)