Monday, March 21, 2011


This morning we are staying home from playgroup because Siena woke up with yellow-green discharge from her eye. We called the doctor and he recommended some eye drops. He believes Siena has conjunctivitis, which is contagious. We have to be careful with Ansel, hopefully it won't spread. It is so sad to see her eye closed with discharge. She keeps rubbing it. The doctor said she should be back to herself in a couple of days. We are thankful.

Culture shock. How convenient is it here? We didn't have to take Siena to a doctor, we just described her symptoms. The doctor recommended a medication and we sent our driver to get it. The total cost for all of this: 7.5 rupees (which is about 17 cents.) Our total time spent: 5 minutes. Crazy times.

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