Monday, March 21, 2011

The Case of the Missing Diaper

On Saturday we were pretty tired after returning home from a long eventful day. On Sunday morning I restocked the diaper bag and realized one of Siena's cloth diapers and covers wasn't accounted for. It was a total of $15 US worth of cloth diapering supplies. Not much in terms of cost, but they are not available in India.

We got in the car to go to church and didn't see the disposable blue bag containing Siena's cloth diaper and cover. Where could it be? We returned home after the day's activities, still no diaper.

Our driver arrived this morning and I showed him one of the disposable blue bags. I asked him if he had seen a bag like that with Siena's diaper in it. He said, "Yes, took bag, Siena's diaper broken, threw it out." I took one of Siena's cloth diapers and covers out of the diaper bag. I showed him and explained, "These are cloth diapers. They are reusable. We put them in these blue bags, keep them, and wash them to use again." Our driver said, "Ha, Ma'am, don't understand." I took the diaper and cover and put it inside the blue bag. I held it up and said, "Please, next time if you see a bag like this don't throw it out. Keep it, so I can wash the diapers to use again." He said, "Ahh, okay, okay." I asked him where the blue bag with Siena's diaper in it was. He said, "Broken, threw it out."

As we drove out of our driveway, I looked across the street where there is an open field. I pointed out the window, "Arun, I think I see it! Is that the bag with Siena's diaper?" His reply? "Yes." I asked him, "Arun, will you please go get the bag for me?" Arun said, "You want me to get it? Okay, okay. Going." Solved...the case of the missing diaper! I have never been happier to receive a dirty diaper in my entire life! I was so excited that I had to call Travis immediately and share my good news. Funny, finding a lost dirty diaper is what I consider good news in India!


  1. Hi Michelle... praying for you. I heard that you have been sick on and off =(. Hope you will be better from now on. Love this story... had me laughing. Glad you found the diaper =). Time does fly and these 9 months are going to go by so fast. Enjoy! and Happy Birthday to Siena =) Blessings to all...

  2. Thanks for your comment, Lisa! Glad you enjoyed this story. It was definitely one of those frustrating moments of difficult communication at the time, but it is a funny memory to carry with me. I am feeling better now. :) Thanks for the prayers and birthday wishes for Siena. We're so blessed!