Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hospital Experience and Siena Sick Again

Siena had fever for 3 days. The doctors weren't sure why. On Saturday, we spoke with the pediatrician and he told us we should start her on antibiotics because preliminary lab results indicated that she is likely to have another urinary tract infection, with pus cells in her urine. The doctor told me to potty train her right away because of her history of UTI and this possible new UTI. Her fever seemed to have gone away, but around 9pm after Ansel's party we called her pediatrician. We told him that she had only two wet diapers all day and her fever had returned at a whopping 103 degrees Fahrenheit. The doctor advised that she be seen to determine the degree of dehydration. She had not been drinking much water either.

We brought her into the hospital. We agreed that she seemed to be getting worse, so we had her admitted. They placed an IV. Thankfully when they put the IV into her hand, she only cried for a few minutes although it felt like an hour. Ansel had fallen asleep in the car, and woke up when he heard her crying. He said he didn't want Siena to get any "pokes" and wanted to be with her. Travis stayed by her side because I couldn't bear watching her get the IV.
Siena received IV fluids.

We are home from the hospital. Siena is doing much better. We praise God for his protection and thank Him for our friends who brought food to the hospital for our little girl and took Ansel from afternoon to evening so we could take care of Siena.

We had a pretty nice experience at the hospital. It was a very nice facility and we felt the care there was great.

The doctors are awaiting more test results to determine the cause of the fever and infection. She still has the IV so they can administer more IV antibiotics tomorrow.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about these troubles with that sweet little girl! We are praying for Siena to get better and for all 4 of you!!!!