Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pony Ride

We went on an outing to Embassy Riding School. What a beautiful location! Ansel had his reservations about the pony ride. After spending some time watching another child ride, he was willing. At first Travis had stand close by, but after a few minutes he was riding on his own. At the end of the ride, he was disappointed that it had to come to an end. The pony was called, "Muffin," and has been a prime topic of conversation ever since. The next morning the first words out of Ansel's mouth were, "Am I going to ride Muffin again?" Definitely a hit with our boy. He made his daddy proud.

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  1. Glad you chose this photo out of all them to share. It was my favorite. Such a juxtaposition of all sorts of things (colors, people, scenery,)